The official record for the world’s longest, or largest, popsicle stands at 21 feet and was set in in Holland in 1997 but the real cool story is behind the unofficial world’s longest popsicle. 

In 2005, to promote a new line of frozen treats, Snapple decide to set the record and erect a 25 foot long, 17.5 ton popsicle in a square in New York City but the organizers must have had a brain freeze as the picked June 21st, an 80 degree day, to do it.

Although the popsicle melted before it could be stood upright to officially claim the new record, technically it still was the world’s longest popsicle.

The fun came with the run off as firefighters had to close several city blocks to clean up the sweet goo which also caused several incidents with passing bicycle riders.

In case you’re wondering, the popsicle was kiwi-strawberry  flavored.