Next time you’re energy levels are running on empty and you’re searching your iPhone for the nearest Starbucks, make sure you keep in mind these top 5 Starbucks Secrets.

1. Starbucks Size Secret

Starbucks has more sizes than what is on the menu. The secret is they actually have a size called a short that is only 8 oz. The short size appears on the menu as a kid’s size but you can actually order any drink in this size. So next time you don’t need a full 12 oz cup of coffee and want to save a little cash just ask for the short.

2. Starbucks Coffee Secret

When you go to Starbucks you will notice that they have either the Pike Place or the Bold coffee of the day already brewed. Many times you may not prefer the two coffees they are offering but you feel like you don’t have a choice in the matter. The secret is you actually do! They will brew you a pour over of any coffee that they carry in whole bean. So next time you don’t want Pikes Place or Gold Coast just ask for a pour over of your favorite coffee and they will oblige.

Bonus Starbucks Secret: If you buy coffee by the lb but want to try more than one to find your favorite Starbucks whole bean coffee you don’t have to buy 5 pounds to figure that out. The secret is you can actually select 1/2 or 1/4 pounds that add up to 1 pound and get it for the variety 1 lb price.

3. Starbucks Food Secret

Starbucks has a ton of pastries and many of them are really good. Here’s the secret, all of the Starbucks coffees have notes in them that pair well next to one of the pastries in the food case. This is really helpful to keep in mind for black coffee drinkers and for those that might be trying to select a pairing for a dinner party.

Bonus Starbucks Secret: The pastries at Starbucks are good but some of them are even better warm. Did you know that you can ask them to warm up any of their pastries in the oven. That’s right, it’s not a microwave it is an oven which uses hot air to super heat your pastries in just seconds.

4. Starbucks Star Secret

Getting your drink at Starbucks can get pretty pricey. Here’s the secret, if you register a Starbucks Card and buy drinks with it there are crazy rewards that will help you save some of your hard earned cash. Starbucks will reward each drink purchase with a star which will get you things like: Free syrups in your drink, free coffee refills and even free drinks on your birthday!

5. Starbucks Water Secret

One of the most unknown Starbucks Secrets is the quality of the water they use. Starbucks water is at a minimum triple filtered. So next time you start to reach for a bottled water remember that water they give out from behind the counter is just as good or better quality than the water in the bottle and it’s free!

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